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Simply Real Life:
The Method


with Sarah Adler

But when it comes to your own health?

Let me guess, lunch today was a hangry handful of trail mix while you tackled your to-do list—sound about right?

You're killing it when it comes to all the people and things that depend on you—

It's kind of like chugging water because you feel the headache coming on—aka you're only reacting once you have a problem.  

... or when was the last time you actually got all 64 recommended ounces of water in your day?
Never ... ish?

There's just one big problem with that... 

Things like an actual lunch...

... because as life gets busy, and the list of things begging for your attention gets longer, the first things to get bumped are your own needs. 

You feel like you're living in an all-or-nothing battle between eating healthy and not, sleeping well and not, working out and not ... 

There's always this sort of inevitable pendulum swinging—even more so These Past 2 years.

That's the catch: when you're not taking care of yourself, you can't show up 100%—for your people, your work, your health, and even daily life tasks.

The more you prioritize everything else in your life, the less you actually have to give to those things. 

You can't be your            if you're pouring from an empty cup


So, if you're not truly doing your best, your body will start holding you back—you won't be able to love and serve people well in the long run.

And it feels miserable in the meantime.​​​​​​​

But doing your best doesn't mean
skipping out on yourself and the things
that your body needs to thrive.

It doesn't mean never getting enough sleep...and drinking too much coffee to try and make up for it.

It doesn't look like mealtimes that always seem to catch you by surprise, despite showing up 3x a day.

It doesn't mean never getting to do that workout you love—or only going twice a month, because life gets in the way.

And it certainly doesn't mean living perfectly & never getting to eat the foods you love. 

Or after a long day, popping open a bottle of wine and pouring a big glass, because you need to relax. 

Or eating half the tray of those healthy cookies you made over the weekend, because well..... you deserve it, right? You ARE doing so much.

Life probably feels busy and little stressful right now.
At least those foods can make you happy. 

Well.... maybe for that minute. 

But we all know what happens after: it makes you feel worse. 

Physically AND mentally.

You wake up the next morning, with the voices in your head having a party. 
The shame spiral begins. 
You'll start over tomorrow.

And the cycle continues.

If anything, it’s gotten WORSE These last FEW years.

… but nothing ever seems to stick. 

And        you've been stumbling and guilt-tripping yourself through different versions of being "healthy" for years...


It's probably been a long time since you truly felt like your life was in balance—mentally, physically, & emotionally.

The quest to get your health figured out once and for all ... feels like it'll never end.

Comfort eating and drinking, anyone?
Extra stress on top of stress? Yup. 

After all, the numbers don't lie: 

Plus, we're lying to ourselves if we think all this is only about how much we weigh or how we look in our favorite pair of jeans.

     % of diets fail — and the likelihood of regaining weight after losing it on any kind of set program? A whopping 33-66%. 

friends don't let friends do SlimFast


It's how we feel for our daily life that really matters. 


No matter what your stage in life, being a women in today's society can be ~ N O I S Y ~ especially when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.

How do I NOT eat all the Cheez Its before 2 p.m.? 

Do I need to do cardio workouts everyday, in order to see any results?

Can I have a glass of wine at night, or is that hurting all my efforts?

Do I need to cut out all sugar altogether?

To gluten or not to gluten?


Everywhere you look, there are opinions on how to live a healthy life. 

And, I want to show you how. Specifically and tangibly. And in real (read: beautifully messy) life. 

A healthy life starts with simple food that complements your busy life, so you can move through each day and make intentional choices with ease. 

And it's not a quick fix.

But, the truth?
It's not just about the food.

The answer doesn't live in this era of constant all-or-nothing based fad diets and trendy eating plans ... 

... and, sister, let me tell you: it definitely doesn't mean living off of whatever you can get your hands on because you forgot about lunch until late-afternoon, or eating off your kid’s plate so food doesn’t go to waste.

The fact of the matter is, there's only one approach that's stood the test of time. 

Tiny shifts in your food, combined at the same time with work on your inner world (your thoughts, emotions & mindset), is the only way to create a effortlessly healthy life that lasts. 

this much I know is true:

It's all deeply & magically connected. 

And until we're ready to go deeper, nothing really changes.  

We need the permission to make ourselves a priority in our own lives—and a framework for eating well and taking care of ourselves that works for us specifically—so we can do the things that matter most to us.

Women are often making the mistake of looking at what everyone else is doing when it comes to their health: society, the media, their friends....

When what they really need is a shift in how they are *thinking* about their health first: as a longterm vibrancy plan instead of a quick-fix. 

It requires first looking at their inner world --their thoughts and emotions and how they actually want to *feel* in their life, and then looking at their daily lifestyle: with real-food and a deeper awareness of their own body and own unique needs.

Women don't need aNOTHER branded, brain-washed way to live...

Food is so connected and deeply interwoven into the rest of our lives —

Our food is a power source, if we'll let it be.

But most of us have to wipe the slate clean, and start over with everything we’ve been taught, so we can get to a much healthier, happier and more grounded place with it. 

It's in our relationships, our energy, our moods, our patience, our confidence, and how we show up in the world every single day.

6 WEEKS TO RE-WIRE YOUR BRAIN, GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY, AND finally de-code the signals of your own body, so you can live a more Intuitive & effortlessly healthy life.

 Simply Real Life:
The Method


with Sarah Adler

Here's what we need to relearn

The physical side of food and a crash course in real food: what to eat, where and how to find it anywhere, how to keep it simple, how to tell what your body handles best, and resetting and stabilizing your blood sugar.

Our discussion will include topics like meal planning, grocery shopping and pantry stocking, daily rhythms, navigating social events, navigating your close family and friend's relationships with food, and more.

the food itself

Next we dig into your relationship with food, your mindset, and the mental side of your eating & wellness.

Together we'll learn about habits, patterns, beliefs, routines, auto-pilot, clearing the clutter in your brain and life, and learning how your brain and neurons fires—so you can start to re-wire your thoughts in a healthier and more productive way.


Your moods, emotions, stress, traumas (big and small), subconscious fears, blocks and old baggage you may be holding on to are all connected to your decisions around food, your health, and self-worth.

You'll build rhythms that give you more control, energy and the ability to live your life more by design, instead of at whim everyday.

HOW YOU FEEL... and how it's DIRECTLY connected to food & our bodies

Food can be an important spiritual and soulful connection—we'll talk about how to connect feeding and fueling yourself with your heart, soul, purpose, passion, and bigger meaning on this earth, plus how you can stay motivated even when the other pieces aren’t always perfect.






If we shift our thinking about what HEALTHY really means, are able to tune out the noise from others, and learn how to read the signals of our own bodies, we have the ability to be even more present and powerful in our lives.

Managing life as a busy woman isn't always easy—sometimes food, self-care and taking care of our inner-world become our lowest priority among the things that mean the most to us.

Unknowingly, we limit our capacity to be our best selves when we don't feed and nourish ourselves deeply. And in the ways that work for *us* as individuals. Because it's different for everyone.

That's why I created this program—

To give women the tools to create more freedom and intuition within their bodies and their lives so they can invest in the people and things who mean the most to them. 

so they can simplify and amplify their lives

“Having a new relationship to my hunger, noticing more of my feelings, overall joy/comfort with what/how I'm eating has been life changing to say the least”

Olivia S.

“Better choices. Better foods. More joy. Mentally and emotionally choosing the do better and be better.”

Crystal F.

“Beginning to feel less anxiety about food choices. I also feel more permission to be balanced in my life”

Erin R.

Together we will get to the core of what's holding you back or keeping you from living and feeling how you want to feel in your life. The actual root causes.

And we'll knock down the obstacles (hint: they’re usually hidden, subconscious ones) that are getting in the way of living a life of freedom, joy and confidence.

I'll help you learn how to tune into your body, and have a better relationship to food overall, so you can design a healthy lifestyle that works for you—

So you can fully step into your life, owning your worth, and taking care of yourself in ways that are sustainable and nourishing. I'm holding your hand through it all. And believe it or not...

It's Simpler Than You Think...

If you've ever found yourself going through life exhausted, overwhelmed, wishing you could just "do better"—for yourself, your family, and your kids—or feeling like you're just missing it ... 

There's a simple place to start — to get yourself on a path to a more effortlessly healthy, vibrant and happy life. 

PLUS weekly assignments, mini challenges, journal prompts, meditations, inspiring recipes, and a built-in community of women ready to encourage, share, and be real with one another to collectively up-level their lives.



Six weeks of weekly podcasts, live weekly Q+A coaching calls, one-on-one help and access whenever you need it!

Everything you need to know, and everything you can happily ignore when it comes to food, diets, labels, the rules, and exactly what to look for. Plus, learn how to start living a real food lifestyle, made simple. 

Real Food 101

A crash course in simplified eating & nutrition made easy


Clear your brain of outdated food info, and reset it with clarity around simple, REAL FOOD. Learn the 1 question to ask that simplifies everything else so you never have to be confused again.

Clear out your pantry, fridge, purse, desk, and life, scavenger hunt style. 

Complete my crash course in label reading and vetting (in under 15 seconds). Get to ask any questions about any products or brands you want, and find upgraded replacements for everything. Yup, everything and anything for you, your family, your spouse—I’ve got you covered.

Cleanse your body, blood, cells, and taste buds with a natural detox and re-balancing week where you let go of control and let your body do what it needs to do. Get out of your own way so your body can get to work as it’s always wanted to. 

Week One

Everything you need to know about dairy, grains, coffee, sugar, alcohol, and how to include these joyful things if your life without being rigid or falling off the wagon.
We also cover a lot on how to meal plan and grocery shop in a way that works for you and your family, the best way to order out, and practical daily life tips. 

The Fun Stuff

Real food in the real world. 

Learn how to observe your body's reaction to certain foods, including experiments and tests to try out at home.

See examples of what a more gentle “balance” actually means and looks like. Learn benchmarks like: how much of certain foods, how often, and how to implement balance WITHOUT an elimination diet

Ask yourself this question to easily upgrade all your favorite foods and drinks, without missing out, feeling deprived or going back into an all-or-nothing mentality. You can have anything you want as long as you ask yourself this question first. 

Understand the emotional connection that happens when your body is physically detoxing what it doesn’t need. This is a beautiful clearing process, and can feel so freeing. 

Week Two


This week we’ll start to dive in beyond just the food itself, into your brain wiring & patterns. You'll also learn how to establish daily rituals, habits, and seasonal practices to help you create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. 

Build Out Your Lifestyle Tool Kit

How to navigate your real life and set up the systems, frameworks to make this a true lifestyle.  

Identify your clutter foods & triggers with a excavating process that's so eye-opening. And learn what to do about them!

Identify your own version of hunger-- why we need to embrace this concept more. The scale of hunger, and how to start tuning in to your own body and where it’s at before a meal. 

Learn exactly how to handle all social events, eating out, eating with other people, and how to explain this lifestyle transition to your family and loved ones with ease, confidence and being able to still fully participate in everything as much as you want to.

 Plus, how to get your spouse/kids/loved ones on board—without pushing.

Week Three


This week we'll learn all about hunger, emotions, stress and how directly they tied.

Plus, we'll evaluate our brain patterns, subconscious habits, patterns and beliefs and learn why this piece that always seems to be missing makes the biggest difference in a long term healthy life.​​​​​​​

Tune It In Baby

How to start listening to your body for real

Learn the six-second rule that will change your life.

It’s not you, it’s your brain wiring! Learn how to teach your brain to crave and default to healthier food, activities, behaviors, and people.

Learn to harness the connection between your emotions and what you want to eat (or not eat) to make it work in your favor.

Why how you eat (and what you're thinking while you eat) impacts just as much as what food you're eating.

Week Four

Add this one-minute task you were never taught when growing up that will drastically change how you digest and metabolize your food in a massive way.

Learn about the the balance of masculine & feminine energy in your day, and how it changes everything (in your food, work, relationships).


It's time to learn how to savor your food and infuse more joy into your life—plus, why it matters to do this.

We'll also talk about creating non-negotiables, daily rituals, habits, and seasonal practices that help establish a sustainable healthy lifestyle. 

These easy tips, tricks and ways to create a personal life game plan will take the rules of real food and expand it into all the other areas of your life—like natural beauty + household, workouts, creativity, and more.

Design Your Life

Create more freedom with simple rituals

Learn to easily access moments of clarity, calm and peace, no matter how busy or crazy things are around you.

Create meaningful (but simple) daily rituals that help keep you on track including a morning routine, night routine, lunch routine, and weekend routines.

Establish your non-negotiables as a mandatory part of designing a healthy lifestyle that lasts.

Learn how to create a life by design vs a life by default that helps you thrive no matter your season of life you’re in.

Week Five

How to take these concepts and create a cleaner, more holistic lifestyle across the board: how to apply them and slowly start to transition your household, products, cleaning, makeup, skincare and beauty to more non-toxic and healthy options. 


It's time to talk about meditation and manifestation. We'll work through growing your spiritual practice and your connection to the universe/higher power.

We'll also discuss what it means to be honest with your soul, and discover what you might be ignoring—or even stuffing down—that's impacting your overall health.

Mentality, Mindset & Real Life

Learn the eight categories of a meaningful life—how to organize it, stay motivated, and stay inspired every week of the year.

Acknowledge the difference between operating from a mindset of love vs. fear (abundance vs. scarcity, happening for me vs. happening to me, etc)—in every situation. 

Learn helpful tricks you can put into place now to identify and reroute autopilot responses in life, as well as the natural ways to deal with anxiety and overwhelm, in a much more gentle way, plus 

How to get back on track anytime you feel off, stuck or off your game. 

And sooo much more.

Week Six


Tapping in to your mentality, mindset & manifesting power

Simply Real Life leads women to a place of freedom, helping you lean into who you truly are and what you need to thrive.

With more than 1,000 grads

To some extent, it's the same step by step method that helped me heal from years of an unhealthy and burdensome relationship with food.  In another way—it's nothing like my own story, because it took me nearly a decade to find my way. 

Now, it’s my life’s work and mission to help as many other women as I can, fast track to getting there too—without the tens of thousands of dollars spent on one-on-one coaching or a lifetime of healing work.

The result? 

Once I realized how much by relationship with food, my body & myself mattered to my overall life and happiness, it cracked everything else open.

In love, in my relationships, my productivity, energy, kindness to others, creativity, and my work in this world.

It has been the biggest gift I have ever given myself: 

A more joyful and calm relationship to food and taking care of myself, because I carry it with me every single day of my life. No matter what season of life I’m in or how my day plays out.

This is what changed the game for me.

Nothing will stick

I spent another 10 years of my life learning, growing and slowly changing my brain, habits, mentality and the emotional part of food too, and slowly starting to understand how wildly they are all connected.

Because you can read every book under the sun on emotional, mindful or intuitive eating, but...

... until you learn how to go deeper into your own brain wiring and inner world, and understand how your neural pathways literally build themselves around habits, decisions, automatic programming, and self-worth...


I started my journey by just trying to focus simply on real food

“I feel more at ease about what I'm eating and being more mindful about how it makes me feel. And not a coincidence I'm guessing that my jeans feel better than ever, without feeling like I'm trying."

Alex S.

I hit the point in my life where I knew I needed something to change or I’d hit a point of breakdown trying to do and be it all, but with a crumbling foundation inside.



There's a simple place to start — to get yourself on a path to a healthy, vibrant, happy life. 

Whatever your reason for seeking out a change—I want you to know something beautiful waits on the other side of investing in yourself and learning about our bodies in ways we never learned in school. It’s a power source.

There is greater ease & joy in to be found in your everyday. And freedom too. 

Your meals can nourish and support you on every level of your life while—surprise!—also being super simple to prepare.

You can create new habits—and find new mindsets to take with you into your daily life, and what's more: you can do it without wanting to revert back to where you started. 

No counting down the last days—or waiting for your cheat day. 

Just living your life, knowing that moment by moment you have a plan that works.

And a way to always tell what your body needs, through every season in life. Because it's always changing, as we are. 

I'm a small business owner, wife and a mom of two ... among other things, life is pretty, well busy. 

I'm Sarah Adler

And how did I get here? 

As a nutrition coach, healthy lifestyle & wellness expert, two-time bestselling cookbook author, and someone who spent way too long having an all-or-nothing mentality with food, I’m all about figuring out ways to help you create and design the life you’re made for. 

My signature process is a unique blend of nutrition, neuroscience, psychology, and the power of daily routine, because if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that your health doesn’t exist in compartments and silos.

I’m here to help you tune in, upgrade old programming, understand who you are and what your body needs to thrive, and to simplify the whole process so it becomes automatic and easy. A flexible framework you carry with you through all your days, instead of a set of rigid rules.  

Because here’s the thing: what we eat directly affects how we show up in life—our feelings, thoughts, and emotions are crazy-connected to our food and our overall health … but there's just one problem.

No one's talking about the full picture.

No one talks about how what you eat matters, but so does how you talk to yourself and how you take care of yourself overall: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Which is why I knew I needed to- with exactly how to do that. Made easy, because that’s all any of us have time for. 

trusted by

Take a look inside!



Six Core Modules


Recorded weekly podcast lectures from Sarah to listen to on your own schedule—plus homework assignments, journal prompts, and easy recipes, and meditations to help you take action and improve your daily mindset.

Plus, access the course content anytime you want or need a refresher!   

You'll walk away with: 

Weekly easy recipes and take-action challenges to keep you inspired and focused

Podcast learning that you can do on the go-- in the car, while cooking dinner, or on a walk. It’s portable and easy and makes learning this information so accessible and intimate. 

Assignments that improve your busy daily life—and don't just add to it. 

A full resource library of tools to change your life, categorized by topic for whatever comes up for you, that you can tap into and revisit anytime you need a reminder, motivation or encouragement. 


Private Online SRH Community

Lifetime membership alongside your SRH sisters inside our private Facebook community—a group forum filled to the brim with loving and supportive women who are not only on their own journey, but are cheering you along on yours, too. 

Here you'll find:

Women who want you to find freedom and flexibility with food—ready to share what they've put in place in their own lives, and prepared to support you in yours.

A full resource library of questions, answered via video with Sarah so you learn vicariously through other people’s questions. 

Instant support, ideas, and camaraderie as you make this lifestyle change


Weekly FAQ Video Vault Access
+ 6 *LIVE* Q & A Video Calls 

Don't get stuck! Sarah answers the most frequently asked questions in six LIVE weekly video calls this session, she'll chat through any questions that might be coming up for you as you navigate the curriculum. Plus, we have a full vault of Q  + A calls from previous year's that you get full access to. 

What we'll discuss:

Are supplements worth taking

The best coffee orders out

How to navigate dinners out, date night, social events without going off the wagon

Is alcohol ok to have (and how often)

What types of dessert/sugar are best

Ideas on better sleep

The best quick snacks on the go

How to avoid the 4pm energy crash

What chocolate cravings really mean

How to travel healthier

What workouts are best

What if we do want to lose weight (and how to do that in this framework)

Thoughts on meat, beans, dairy, caffeine, how to eat for healthier more balanced hormones

How your nervous system, emotions & stress directly affect your food cravings, digestion & energy

“I’ve noticed the biggest change in my mentality. Just my desire to be more intentional. And thinking more about food and what will be best for my body.”

Ryan R.

“My biggest change is in my head. The old words that ran through my head are beginning to be replaced by your words/mantras/encouragement”

Anne G.

“I am more present when it comes to food- I stop and examine my choices and feelings before making decisions. That is huge.”

Lindsay R.

We stand behind our guarantee. Before you make your purchase, please Read the Terms & Conditions

I believe in this program with my whole heart—there is nothing I love more than teaching and leading it each year. I'm genuinely invested in your success and making sure you are taken care of, have all your questions answered, and feel supported at every step of the way through this process.

However, if you sign up, and feel I haven’t delivered in value after the first three weeks, just send proof of your completed assignments to, as well as screenshots of your participation in the forum for a full refund. 

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Because I believe so fully in this program, I'm proud to honor a

BUT—If you're in and willing to follow the weekly steps, I have no doubt this program will change your life.

How to think about food in a diet and trend-free way that will never change based on the latest study

To Make Yourself A Priority. To Learn — Once And For All:

How to always get yourself back to "good" without dieting & extremes

How to have more joy and fun with food and drinks that you love and make life enjoyable

How to plan your week with healthy food without marathon prep & cooking sessions

The best foods, daily rhythms & workouts for your body

How to tell what foods your body does best with and the ones you might need to avoid without an elimination diet

How to get out of autopilot in your thoughts, routines, habits, and with food

How to stop the all-or-nothing mentality with your food (& health overall)

How to train your tastebuds to crave healthy food

How to explain your healthier lifestyle to close friends and family, and get their total support

How to take the philosophy of clean food and expand it into your whole life—beauty, household cleaning products, etc

How to break frustrating patterns and bad habits

... so that you can show up as your best self for the people and things in life that matter most to you.

It's Time To Give Yourself Permission 

Enroll in Simply Real Life and get ...

The 6-part video & podcast curriculum — six weekly podcasts, recipes, and assignments to help you form a new relationship and rhythm with food in your daily life. (Valued at $1,997)

6 FAQ Training Video Vault to complement each week's main topic (Valued at $997)

6 WEEKLY *LIVE* Q + A Calls (all recorded too) with Sarah about the week's faq's, time-saving tips and thoughts to help guide you in your progress (Valued at $2,997)

UNLIMITED Coaching Access to Sarah to ask your personal questions and get her insights—something she doesn't offer for FREE to anyone other than her SRH community (Priceless! - included in the VIP option) 

LIFETIME Membership to the program and access to the curriculum so you can revisit it anytime you need or want a refresher. Take this course yearly if you want to! (Priceless!) 

Gorgeous printable resources, worksheets, and guides to reinforce what you're learning in the video trainings (Valued at $1300)

EXCLUSIVE SRH Discounts on other Simply Real Health programs & products throughout the year. (Value up to $200)

Alumni Network + SRL Sisterhood ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​with likeminded women in all seasons of life, as you go through all the seasons of your life, always have the ability to join in the program again for free, anything it run. 

Plus, the real value-packed place to connect with other women and find accountability through this program (Priceless!)


10 monthly payments

Pace It Out



4 monthly payments

one easy payment

I'm All In

Best Value

Regular Program Price:

That's a total value of $7,675



The Private SRH Facebook Community ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​- a place to connect with your SRH sisters to find answers to your questions, helpful insight, encouragement and accountability through the 6 weeks and beyond (Priceless!)

My one-on-one coaching for this type of content and support? It's over $5,000 (and doesn't include the community accountability). Let alone lifetime access.

This is the best of both worlds the same exact lectures I use with private clients, but priced in group format, to make this accessible for as many women as possible.


With brand new content, extended payment plans and options. And lifetime access to do the program every single year as an alumni for free!)

** if you prefer to pay via paypal, need a different payment plan, or have issues with your checkout, just email us at

Looking for This PLUS more PERSONALIZED & OnE-ON-ONE support and coaching from Sarah?

That's an option, too!

Enroll as a 

Simply Real Life VIP

You'll get full access to everything included in the Simply Real Life curriculum—the videos, homework, recipes, and community (Total Value: $6,500)......

6 months of continued coaching + support after the program ends with our Simply Real Life Sisterhood follow up program (with monthly calls, podcasts & assignments to help you stay on track (total value ($997) (from July 2024 through December 2024)

Total Value


Lifetime access to the program Every Year for free (priceless!)

6 weekly LIVE coaching calls with Sarah ($2997 value)

A FREE Year LONG membership to the SRH Cooking Club ($197 value)

$100 gift card to the SRH Shop

A GIFTED COPY of the Five Minute Journal for daily inspiration & accountability ($30 value)

Payment plan: ($375/month for 6 months)

READY TO GO ALL IN? LET'S DO THIS THING RIGHT. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE ON THESE LIMITED 6 SPOTS! *option to pay in full too. Click link above to see ^

3x/week 1:1 private coaching check-ins with Sarah each week via Voxer for 7 weeks, anytime you need it! (Yep, you read that right) ($3,997 in value)

Daily 1:1 private tracking (if desired) for extra accountability & coaching daily  with Sarah

New 2024 Option:


The Self Guided Program

Because there is nothing I want more than to give as many women access to this information as possible, especially right now.

Introducing the self-guided version that includes:

lifetime access to the full program

access to the group forum for any questions you need throughout the process

ability to go at your own page and timing

(Minus the live weekly coaching / Q+A calls with Sarah, but with access to the FAQ training videos from year's past)


so here it is...

You need all of these things—what you eat, how you think, and how you care for yourself—to be aligned and nourished to create a healthy lifestyle that actually lasts. 

The Facebook group is a wealth of knowledge and information, and is totally private! A lot of women create an account just for this, but know that it is totally optional and up to you.

Our weekly live coaching calls are on Wednesdays at 11am PT, and if you can't make them live, we record them all, and send it out the next day. We always ask for your questions ahead of time too, so even if you can't make the call time, we will answers all of your questions (and you can listen in later, at your own time). The first call is Wednesday, May 1st, 2024.

We officially start on Monday, April 29th, 2024 with all of your goodies being released on Sunday, April 28th. A similar schedule follows each week through June 12th, 2024. But all is designed for you to go at the pace that works for you, with the group energy for motivation. 


When Are the Live Calls? What if I can't make the Calls?

We know you are busy- which is why we created the SRL Method so that you can take it at your own pace and make it work for your own life. For that reason, every single podcast and live video call are always recorded for you and available whenever you are ready in your private dashboard. We created this program to do on the go-- listening in your car, on a walk, cooking dinner, etc. 


The modules get released once a week, but you'll always have access to them if you need to catch up, hit pause, or go at your own pace. The total time commitment is 2-4 hours a week, depending on the week, and the program is flexible around whatever works for your life.This program only opens once a year, so getting access now will enable you to have all the modules when you are ready.


don't worry, we have the answers!

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The Signature Program

VIP Level with 1:1 Coaching


4 monthly payments

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The Signature Program

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The biggest difference? The connection and awareness I have to my body. The easier it is to make smart choices at the grocery store and when eating out. And that there is no more “mess up” mentality. I'm finally thinking about how my body feels versus “I screwed up”. 

Christina W.