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A 6 week live program to get healthier, and create a more intentional, balanced and vibrant life: physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

Are you ready

To stop with the all-or-nothing mentality?

To end the guilt, noise, and negative self talk?

To stop the reliance on quick fixes, diets & rigid programs whenever you need to get back on track?

To learn how (exactly and specifically) you can finally tune in and feel more confident in your own body and what it needs?

To feel calm and in control around food, and able to use it as a power source in your life (instead of as a source of comfort, anxiety, stress or boredom?)

To stop swinging back and forth between extremes with your food, workouts, thoughts & daily behaviors? Aka, to stop the cycle of being “really bad” and then “really good”?

To shift to a more positive, freeing and vibrant relationship: to your food, to yourself, and to your life?

Welcome to the new definition of healthy. And with it, a life on fire.

So you can get back to what matters most to you.

If you’re still reading this,
there’s a good chance that

i get you, sister.

Does it feel like you know what to do, but it never sticks? Or that this shouldn’t be so hard to figure out?

I know. Truth: it’s taken me most of my life to figure out that to be truly healthy, had way more to do than just the food itself. And being perfect at it (aka, following all the rigid diet rules, and never missing a workout).

It meant going much deeper: to stop with the quick fixes, and take a much closer look at my relationship to food, and ultimately– my relationship to myself: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

That’s when things finally shifted for me, and for good.

Because one thing is for sure: food matters to living your best life. It’s the foundation and necessary starting point, but it’s how we go about it that matters. It’s how we think and talk to ourselves. It’s how we interact with it in our daily life: how we use (or abuse) food for everything other than being actually hungry.

Because how we are with food, is how we are with everything: is it simplified and joyful? Or negative, outdated and in need of a refresh?

Food is so connected and deeply interwoven into the rest of our lives: to our relationships, our energy, our moods, our patience, our confidence, our power, and how we show up in the world every single day.

It’s a power source, if we let it be.

But most of us have to wipe the slate clean, and start over with everything we’ve been taught, so we can get to a much healthier and happier place with it. It may seem small, but there’s one thing I know for sure: it’s the place you have to start if you want to live and create your best life.

let me guess

You’re so over the negative self talk, feelings of guilt, quick fixes and being extreme.


You’d so badly love a better relationship to food, you just don’t know where to start.

I know…my hands are raised. We’ve all done it:

We get to a breaking point. One morning we wake up, desperate to just feel better– in our bodies, in our own skin, and in our own life. We get super motivated to just DO THE DANG THING.

So we do the next logical thing: pick something that pretty much guarantees a result–and quickly– if we follow along with all the rules. We’ll sign up for the Whole30, a 28 day fix, or fill our grocery carts with the entire produce section of the grocery store, vowing to cook every meal from scratch that week. Or drink only green juices. Or go totally sugar and carb-free. Or, start eating only butter and protein for weeks at a time.

It’s all very enticing.

And truthfully, it all works… for a short time.

Until the same thing happens:

Real life kicks in, and sooner or later, we fall off the wagon.

Yet again.

And then:

cue the guilt parade. The quiet shame spirals. And the self-sabotage.

Because sometimes, let’s face it: you’re gonna eventually want to have a glass or two of rose on girls night, or melty chocolate chip cookies hot out of the oven with your kids. Or those salty crunchy chips and guac on a Friday night, or to order something else besides a boring salad (with side dressing) on date night.

Life is too short, right?

So, you do. And it tastes sooo good. But then, those voices trickle in. The ones that make you silently vow that you’ll “be good” again tomorrow.

And I mean, sure. You could live life by the rigid diet food rules, and never interact with the real world. But deep down, you know that never seems to last.

And it actually makes things worse, because in doing that, we’re just avoiding the ONE THING that would make the crazy stop.

Because here’s the thing that most of us don’t really want to admit:

You take yourself wherever you go.


it’s not just about the food.

It’s about your relationship to it (and yourself) that matters most.

This is why all the diets and programs in the world, never work in the long-term, rest-of-your-life kind of a way.

Because being truly healthy, has nothing to do with willpower, pushing yourself or being perfect. And everything to do with your deeper relationship to food, how you talk to yourself, and learning to listen to your own body, better.

And until we take the time to re-program that part of our lives in a more calm, easy and grounded way, the crazy, scattered bouncing back and forth will continue, and ultimately seep it’s way into every aspect of our lives: our work, our close relationships, our attitudes, energy and daily routines.

Because the truth is this: food is woven so deeply into every aspect of our lives.

We have to eat, and daily.

So we might as well learn how to do it better, and learn your own body better— once and for all– – in a way that will actually change how you think and act and eat daily, and for good.

To make food a positive, uplifting and beautiful force in your life, instead of the enemy or the stressful thing that you are always fighting against—- physically, mentally and emotionally.

I get it. It may sound unicorn status (magic), but it’s not.

You can have it, and get there.

All it takes is a totally different approach to everything you’ve tried before.

And a commitment to dig a little deeper.

It’s a total game-changer. And my most favorite work. In a magical group format of women cheering you on, and supporting you in every way, LIVE, for 6 weeks, together, to better set you up for success for the rest of your life.

Why this is different/

how the process works

I created the Simply Real Life Program, because it’s what I wish I had, in my own journey: a way to learn how to actually tune in to my own body and reset my mentality on food, so I could create a more sustainable and happy relationship to it, for life.

I created it to connect all the floating pieces that diets or other programs never teach:

To uncover & dive in to how much food is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

To learn how to decode your body best: Your triggers. Your obstacles. Your self-talk. Your best food and daily routines. Your old programming (and how to change it). And learning how your brain fires (and why).

 It’s part neuroscience, part psychology, part food and part life coaching, all rolled into one.

And learning how to connect all of those things, with less resistance and stress.

Because ultimately, that is the magic.

And a power to be learned and harnessed.

And the thing that will change you’re life, if you’re willing to take the journey.

And although I believe in some general guidelines to follow with the philosophy of REAL FOOD, when it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle, there is no one-size fits all. Which is why this program is about learning how to tune in to yourself and what you need: knowing the questions to ask, the experiments to do, the tests to try to get you there.

And the good news? It’s about simplifying and uncovering things (not adding on more to
your plate). In a step by step, fascinating, freeing process.

This work is what makes the actual change from sometimes healthy, to an actual
permanent, intentional healthy lifestyle that lights up your whole life: no matter what season of life you’re in.

Imagine a life of:

– more calm and joy
– more headspace, less noise
– more confidence, less confusion
– more celebration and enjoyment, less guilt
– more control of your moods, energy and happiness, and in designing your life, less panic, scatter, and up and down.
– more meaning, less clutter (physically, mentally and emotionally)

my story

I get it, because I used to be the same

Truthfully, I spent most of my life with a terrible relationship to food, being overly obsessed with everything I put in my mouth.

At the height of my obsessive years, I was on a trip to Italy, studying abroad in college. I sat at lunch, captivated and watching two beautiful Italian women, catching up for lunch. They happily sipped on wine and twirled their plates of pasta, so calmly and peacefully. They were so fully engaged and present in the moment with each other, without an ounce of guilt or shame about what they were eating.

It hit me like a ton of bricks, in that moment: that I had never had a calm meal like that in my life: without the quiet mental calculations, stress and anxiety about portions, how many carbs I was eating, or how much I’d need to exercise the next day to burn it all off.

Um, can I have what she’s having?

And at that point, it was the first time I really realized all the crazy talk going on in my head. That maybe not everyone walked around like that. That moment, I decided I’d try to find out.

So, I started right at the very beginning: on just trying to focus on real food, in it’s pure and simple forms.

And for real? It was hard.

My patterns and habits were so engrained and a
part of my daily life, and I was scared to let them go.

Inevitably and slowly, I started learning more about this whole REAL FOOD thing.

It wasn’t long before I had the disturbing realization: everything that I had learned up to that point about “healthy” food was wrong and backwards, when I was looking at it through a real food lens. 

Things I had been avoiding forever were suddenly fair game again, because of how real & simple they were. Meaning:

Butter, ice cream, bacon, wine, even a full avocado if I wanted? 

Wait, really?

I finally saw just how many options I’d been missing out on, and a way that eat that made me feel energized and more stable, without the sugar cravings, crashes, obsession about my body, and annoying head chatter about diets, counting, and measuring everything all the time.

The result? Even within a few weeks, I felt more steady. More grounded. More in tune and in control (but in the free-flowing way I’d always craved).

And moreso… I could finally see & taste the beauty of food, in how it nourished not only our bodies but also our souls.

And the role that it plays in every occasion we have in our lives.

It was something to be celebrated and lifted up, not a thing to mentally battle each day.

But the food piece is not where the journey ended for me.

It’s actually where the juiciness started.

It was just the beginning.

I spent another 10 years of my life learning, growing and slowly changing my brain, habits, mentality and the emotional part of food too, and understanding how they are all connected.

Because you can read every book under the sun on emotional, mindful or intuitive eating, but until you learn how to go deeper into your own subconscious programming and understanding how our neural pathways get built in the brain around habits, decisions, automatic programming, and self-worth, nothing will quite stick.

This is what changed the game for me.

Now, it’s my life’s work and mission to help as many other women as I can, fast track to getting there too (without the thousands of dollars spent on one-on-one coaching or a lifetime of healing work).

The result? Once I realized how bad my own relationship to food was, and how much it mattered to my overall life and happiness, it cracked everything else open. In love, in my relationships, my productivity, energy, kindness to others, creativity, and my work in this world.

It has been the biggest gift I have ever given myself– a more joyful and calm relationship to food–because I carry it with me every single day of my life. No matter what season of life I’m in, or how my day plays out.

It’s expansive. Joy inducing. And makes life so much sweeter, and easier. And I want to share it with you too.

so, my darling. a few questions for you:

(Here’s The Blocks We Will Bust Through)

Do you want to know:

– How to think about food in a diet and trend-free way (that will never change based on the latest study)
– How to always get yourself back to good (without dieting & extremes)

– How to have more joy and fun with food and drinks that you love and make life worth living?
– How to plan your week better with healthy food (without marathon prep & cooking sessions)
– The best foods, daily rhythms & workouts for your body
– How to tell what foods you do the best with, and those you don’t (without a full
elimination diet).
– How to get out of auto-pilot (in your thoughts, routines, habits, with food, etc)
– How to never get bored or in a rut with your food
– How to train your tastebuds to crave healthy food
– How to deal with and explain your healthier lifestyle to close friends and family,
and get their total support
– How to take the philosophy of clean food and expand it into your whole life
(beauty, household products, etc)
– How to break frustrating holding patterns and bad habits
– And so much more..

Yes, we cover it all, in 6 juicy and inspiring weeks.

How does it work, exactly?

The Simply Real Life is a live experience, and a proven step-by- step blueprint map to a better relationship to food, and a more joyful vibrant life. With complete guidance and support every step of the way, all in an encouraging and accountable group format.

We cover 4 areas:


The physical side of food and a full crash course in REAL FOOD: what to eat, where and how to find it anywhere, how to keep it simple, how to tell what your body does best with, and resetting and stabilizing your blood sugar. We cover so many topics, such as meal planning, grocery shopping and pantry stocking, daily rhythms, navigating social events, navigating your close family and friend relationships with food, etc.


The mental side of food: diving into your habits, patterns, beliefs, routines, auto-pilot, clearing the clutter in your brain and life, and learning how your brain and neurons fires, so you can start to re-wire it in a healthier and happier way.


The emotional side of food: your moods, emotions, stress, traumas (big and small), subconscious fears, blocks and old baggage you may be holding on to and how it relates to your decisions around food and your health and self-worth. How to have more control, energy and the ability to live your life more by design, instead of at whim everyday.


The spiritual/soulful side of food: how to connect your heart, soul, purpose, passion, and bigger meaning on this earth, to how you feed and fuel yourself, and stay motivated even when the other pieces aren’t always perfect.

All in 6 weeks time, with weekly podcast lectures, timely weekly FAQ coaching calls, one-on-one help and access whenever you need it, weekly assignments, mini challenges, journal prompts, meditations, inspiring recipes, and a built-in community of women wanting to encourage, share, be real with each other, and up-level their life.

The Program, At A Glance:

week 1

Real Food 101

Everything you need to know, and everything you can happily ignore when it comes to food, diets, labels, the rules, and exactly what to look for. How to start living a real food lifestyle, made simple. The big kahuna, in other words. More about your brain and the psychology and neuroscience behind eating.

week 2

The Fun Stuff

Everything you need to know about the fun stuff: the specifics of dairy, grains, coffee, sugar, alcohol, and how to include these joyful things if your life without being rigid or falling off the wagon. How to tell how you “do” with certain foods, including experiments and tests to try out at home. We also cover a lot on how to meal plan in a way that works for you and your family, the best way to order out, and practical daily life tips. Real food in the real world. And what happens inside your body when you commit to it.

week 3

Tune It In, Baby

How to actually tune in to your body for real, all about hunger, emotions and stress and how they work together. The six second rule that will change your life. On clutter foods and triggers (and what to do about them). More on our subconscious, habits, patterns and beliefs and why this piece is always missing and why it makes the biggest difference in a long term healthy life.

week 4

It’s All Connected

On gratitude, to be nourished on all levels, how to savor your food, how to infuse more joy into your life and why it matters to do so. On the feelings you crave the most in life. On creating daily rituals, habits, and seasonal practices to help you create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. We also cover natural beauty and household topic, and transitioning a real-food philosophy and more natural living to other parts of your life.

week 5

What are you really hungry for?

On constant inspiration and growth. Meditation. Manifestation. Growing your spiritual practice and your connection to the universe/higher power. Being honest with your soul. What are you ignoring, stuffing down?

week 6

Real life.

What happens when you mess up. How to get yourself back in the groove. Easy tips, tricks and ways to create a personal life game plan. How to take the rules of real food and expand it in to all the other areas of your life (natural beauty + household, workouts, creativity, etc). The eight categories of a meaningful life, how to organize it, stay motivated and inspired every week of the year to live a truly healthy life.


how it works

Enrollment officially opens on April 16th, 2019 and closes on April 25th, 2019.

Upon signing up, you’ll get an email confirmation (and welcome squish hug from me).  You’ll then immediately get access to your  pre-program paperwork.

On Friday, April 27th the party gets started! You’ll get access to your private course dashboard, and that morning the welcome & kickoff call gets released! This will covers everything on what to expect, and how to mentally get prepared for this amazing journey ahead.

On Sunday, April 28th, and each Sunday after, you’ll get your weekly podcast lecture, assignments, journal prompt or meditation, fun new recipes to try that week, and little mini bonuses I sprinkle in each week.

You’ll have all week to work on the assignments, share your findings and get some massive momentum behind little daily shifts that will actually make a difference in your life.

Each Wednesday, you can tune in to a FAQ training call in your dashboard, where we dig even deeper into the weekly topics, and answer some of the frequently asked questions that pop up that week.  These calls are totally optional, and are always available to you, whenever you are ready that week.

Throughout each week, you’ll also get bonus help, extra tips, support and community love in the Simply Real Life private Facebook group, and privately as you need with me, through email.

Tuesday, April 16th : Enrollment opens

Saturday, April 20th : Earlybird enrollment closes (special pricing + bonuses end at 3pm PT sharp) //
Thursday, April 25th : Enrollment officially closes @ 9pm PT/ 12pm ET. Get immediate access to the course & start filling in your program paperwork!
Friday, April 26th: The welcome & kickoff video call gets released

Sunday, April 28th: Get access to Week 1’s podcast, recipes, and assignments for the week

The Schedule:

Sunday, April 28th : Week 1 released
Sunday, May 5th  : Week 2 released
Sunday, May 12th  : Week 3 released
Sunday, May 19th : Week 4 released
Sunday, May 26th: (implementation week)
Sunday, June 2nd : Week 5 released
Sunday, June 9th : Week 6 released

*after each module is released, you will have access to the content, always. You’re now a lifetime member!

at a glance…

  • weekly podcast

  • weekly recipes

  • weekly assignments

  • FAQ training videos available each week

  • plus 3 bonus LIVE Q + A Calls

  • unlimited emails + questions with Sarah

  • lifetime membership

  • amazing community

  • gorgeous printable rituals and guides

  • discounts on other programs/products throughout the year

Plus, everything in one place!

This Much I Know Is True/

Beliefs of Simply Real Tribe

The Simply Real Life Program has been tested and loved by hundreds of busy women (moms, working professionals, and business owners), all over the country who were tired of low–grade living and of letting a bad relationship with food run their life.

Like them, you’ll finally be able to:

1. Swear off diets, forever. Friends don’t let friends drink slim fast.

2. Trust yourself. To not let food run your life anymore.

3. Tune IN to your body (how, and what that even means!), instead of tuning OUT and blindly following advice.

4. Get rid of your all or nothing mentality with food, and in life.

5. Clear the clutter and old mindsets that weigh you down and keep you stuck and frustrated

And finally:

8. To experience freedom. Sweet freedom.

Freedom to not have to be perfect.

Freedom to stop letting old habits and fears get in your way anymore
Freedom to feel beautiful and healthy down to your core
Freedom to allow yourself daily joys, without guilt
Freedom to stop comparing yourself to others
Freedom to never have to diet or do a program again
Freedom to participate in this program every single time it runs (for free)

Freedom to clear the blocks that keep you stuck
Freedom to be your best, healthiest and happiest self

Because freedom with food creates more freedom in your life.
And where there is freedom, there is more joy, more meaning,
and way more fun.

This is a healthy life. Oh, won’t you join me?

Enrollment closes for the year in:

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need help or have questions?


Because I believe so fully in the juiciness of this program, I’m proud to honor a 100% money back guarantee.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to take your money and run! I believe in this program with my whole heart, and there is nothing I love more than teaching and leading it each year. I am so heavily invested in your success and making sure you are taken care of, have all your questions answered, and feel supported in so many ways through this process.

However, if you sign up, and feel I haven’t delivered in value after the first three weeks, just send proof of your completed assignments to, as well as screenshots of your participation in the forum for a full refund.

But, if you’re in and willing to follow the weekly steps, I have no doubt this program will change your life!

ok, i’m ready

what do i do next?

One Payment $1,147 

4 Payments of $297 

Twelve Monthly Payments of $97 

wanna go


join for only $2,000

Get the full program PLUS extra one-on-one support!


1 60 minute one-on-one private coaching call during the program (to be scheduled on mutually agreed upon dates)


1 follow up private coaching call, 3 months out



At the end of the 6 weeks,

this is what my ladies described in their lives:

More CLARITY with food
More CONFIDENCE with food
More CALM around food
More JOY with food
More IN TUNE with their own body and what it needs
More GROUNDED or CENTERED in their lives
More FREEDOM with food and in life
More LOVE and CARE and kindness to themselves
More GRACE for themselves
More RECIPES + EASY IDEAS on healthy eating, that they actually put into practice.
Less STRESS around food and their relationship to it
More AWARE of how everything they eat, do and think is connected
More EMPOWERED by their thoughts and ability to shift them as they choose
More EXCITED about food, learning more about their body and taking charge of their lives.
More INSPIRED to live more fully
More EASE, in all.


“This program is absolutely perfect, and way exceeded all of my expectations and hopes! The schedule allows you you to work the program into your busy weekly schedule, and Sarah made herself so available to us. There is no shortage of information or knowledge!”

“Let me tell you a secret- this program is even better than doing one-on-one coaching! You get all of it, and more. With a fierce and LOVING and inspiring community of women rooting you on, and sharing their own stories and real life wins.  Sarah’s advice and authenticity comes through in every aspect of this program. She has so much great energy has been a joy to be around. This experience has helped me finally let go of diets and the crazy self talk, and finally learn to be kinder to myself and my body. It’s been the only thing that has helped me actually make a deeper shift, and I am forever grateful that I had this experience!”

“After reading and researching and years of looking for the answer, the right diet, the quick fix, I feel like I’ve found something that will be healthy for me in every way for the rest of my life. And I feel lighter overall because of it: mentally, physically and emotionally. This program has changed my life in so many ways already!”

“My appetite has changed dramatically. I feel much more grounded and centered, and I don’t think about food nearly as much as I used to.”

“This program has been such an eye-opener in a lot of ways! WOW. Seriously, I wish everyone could do this, it was so much more than I even thought it would be, and probably the best money I have ever spent on myself. And I know it will continue to give and nurture me throughout the years.”

“I’ve shared with some of my closest girlfriends that this has been on the most profound personal growth journey with food, spirituality and finding out how I best do this life for me, and it’s been life changing!!! I’ve told them that it’s the best money I have ever spent (I’ve also told my husband this about 4 different times). I finally feel free to ignore all the noise out there and I have so much freedom and ease around food.”

“This program has truly centered all of the things I have learned about myself and who I am and what I am about. It’s SO much more than food. It’s joyful living. I feel so much more confident in my understanding of “real food”. The very first podcast was SO educational, so for my body’s sake, I feel much more in tune with what I am doing to it with food, and why. Seriously it is a connection to it I have never experienced! I feel a different and deeper sense of joy and calm from the inside out since being on this journey.”

“The Simply Real Life program helps you stay accountable to yourself – you get out what you put in, and it challenges you and holds you accountable to take new steps to start integrating healthier habits, without a ton of pressure. It’s the perfect balance!  It gives you ideas around food you can be excited about (and helps you finally figure out which foods work for YOU personally), and helps you truly elevate the things you love in life, and get rid of the things you no longer actually need.”


Q: What if I have already done the Food Academy? Does any information overlap?

A: As a food academy member, you get $250 off the cost of the Simply Real Life Program, because you’ve already got Week 1 and Week 2 in your pocket. Just use the code FOODACADEMY at checkout for your discount.

Q: What if I can’t listen to the podcasts or watch the videos on the day they’re released?

A: No problem, all of the calls will be recorded, so you can watch or listen to them at your own convenience.

Q: This is a busy time of year for me and I’m afraid I won’t have the time. Should I wait?

A: The modules get released one time a week, but you will always have access to them if you need to catch up, hit pause, or go at your own pace.The total time commitment is 2-4 hours a week, depending on the week, and all flexible around whatever works for your life.This program only opens once a year, so getting access now will enable you to have all the modules when you are ready.

A: The Facebook group is a wealth of knowledge and information, and is totally private! A lot of women create an account just for this, but know that it is totally optional and up to you.

Q: What if I don’t have Facebook? Will I be missing out?

Any other questions? I’m here to help. Just email

to sum it up

Here’s everything that’s included in the Simply Real Life Experience:

  • A lifetime membership in this program. Access the course content anytime you need and want a refresher

  • Weekly homework assignments, journal prompts and meditations to help you take massive action, upgrade your daily mindset and keep you accountable

  • Weekly easy recipes and take-action challenges to keep you inspired and focused

  • Recorded weekly podcast lectures to listen to on your own schedule

  • A group forum and community of loving, helpful women rooting for you too

  • Timely weekly FAQ training calls so you can hear more about real life situations and strategies around it, and jump in deeper to each week’s topics.

  • Personal email access to Sarah for individual questions, and extra help anytime during the 6 weeks and after!

sign up now

Earlybird pricing closes for the year in: